Zambia risks losing its democratic credentials if political violence is left unchecked – Kabimba

By Chambwa Moonga

Kabimba says Zambia risks losing its democratic credentials if political violence is left unchecked.

And Kabimba has questioned the Zambia Police’s priority areas in maintaining law and order in the country.

Commenting on PF cadres’ attack on Agness Ndlovu, a Lusaka trader, Kabimba, who is Rainbow Party leader, stated that whereas enforcement of public order was important, one would have expected the police to take great interest in the assault and humiliation of Ndlovu and mete out the punishment to the offenders.

According to a letter dated February 16, 2015 to the Inspector General of Police and copied to the Non Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) executive director Engwase Mwale, Kabimba expressed worry at the culture of “impunity by criminal elements” and that such should be made to account for their deeds as they were traceable.

“I refer to the front page story in The Post newspaper edition dated Monday 16th February 2015, regarding one Ms Agness Ndlovu, who was assaulted by suspected PF cadres at Soweto Market on Saturday 14th instant. The story carries a lead that Ms Ndlovu was confronted by one Bright Mumba on arrival at the market, who told her to leave the market premises before she was attacked by a gang of her assailants. It cannot be left to any form of conjecture that Ms Ndlovu’s assailants are known and traceable criminal elements who can be brought to book easily,” the letter read in part.

And Kabimba wondered why the police could not show the same urgency in Ndlovu’s case, as they did in arresting expelled MMD national secretary Muhabi Lungu.

“On the same page of the same Post newspaper is a story titled, ‘We are going to arrest Muhabi’- Katanga. I read the two stories with consternation and dismay in the manner the police service sets its priorities as a state law enforcement agency in the country. If this culture of impunity by criminal elements is left unchecked and hence allowed to grow in our midst, with the police service seemingly helpless for whatever reason, we risk losing our democratic credentials which we have attained so far,” stated Kabimba.

“Zambia is not Somalia and Lusaka is not Mogadishu. I, therefore, challenge your office and all the peace-loving Zambians to raise a red flag and bring this culture of impunity to an end sooner rather than later. I can also assure your office and all Zambians that such criminal elements will have no space under a Rainbow Party government.”

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