Who owns MTS? Why the involvement of the Executive Vice Chairman NCC in the waiver scams should be investigated

In reaction to the Leadership publication of 8th October 2012 which exposed the involvement of the Executive Vice chairman NCC on the waiver of Billions of Naira to MTS, Nigerians expressed concern and fear about the issue and the MTS itself. First of all the regulator under the law of the country must not be seen to have interest in the industry he is regulating and this is a world standard. It is very strange that Dr Juwah, as a public officer can initiate a memo on behalf of a private company in which he is known to own shares, to the government and gets approved. What he did is clearly using his position in public office to get financial waivers for his private company which is patently criminal. To add salt to injury Dr Juwah arrogantly admits his interest in MTS Company. Dr Juwah has blatantly and arrogantly conducted himself the way he did on this issue only because he feels well connected and protected by higher authorities.

Having said this, our findings revealed that the history of MTS is mired by fraud and criminal activities right from its formation in 1992. The promoters and players of this enterprise fled this country during the Abacha regime only to come back and get appointment into the Apex Agency regulating the industry to continue doing what they know best-FRAUD.

The MTS-NITEL Joint venture agreement are very revealing and mind burgling Nigerian Insight source said. The Federal Government of Nigeria may probably not have this record, and the copy in NITEL may have been destroyed by the fraudulent and unpatriotic staff there. The security agencies, the EFCC and ICPC should be interested in this case. The fleeing from the country of the master minds and the circumstances of their return should be interesting too. Crime is always a crime no matter who commits it and for how long.

It would be seen from the NITEL/DCS Joint Venture Agreement on MTS that after subtracting Dr Juwah’s “sweat” shares NITEL became the majority shareholder in MTS. In any case NITEL being a major shareholder should have participated in All MTS Board deliberations leading to being licensed by NCC. NCC therefore had no right whatsoever to have issued any license to MTS without the knowledge and approval of the Management of NITEL. The same MTS was fraudulently mismanaged and Dr Juwah a MINORITY shareholder of MTS criminally manipulated the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to write off the debt of a Private Company through a reportedly joint letter signed by the then Hon Minister of Communications of the time and Hon Minister of Finance. The criminality of Dr Juwah, including the shamelessness of dragging the then President into the sordid affair is much worse than any offence the fugitive Maina is alleged to have committed on the inhuman and massively fraudulent pension saga. Dr Juwah is however still sitting comfortably in his office because of his unholy connections in high places. The recent opaque spectrum auction, the MTS waiver and unjust and wicked sacking of Dr Gwandu for raising alarm on the conduct of the auction are examples of the activities of the high and well connected in public offices across Nigeria.

Nigeria is today witnessing massive frauds in all fronts at the expense of the country and its people. Nigerians seem to be helpless and hopeless in this and are ready to accept or tolerate this but unfortunately the way things are going the system is being taken over by fraudstars and criminals. This country must not be allowed to be run this way.

The President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) should be assisted to build strong institutions rather than strong individuals. Therefore, we call on government to revisit the MTS-NITEL deal and ensure that justice prevails.

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