What Buhari Has Been Saying – by Adeolu Ademoyo

Reformed GMB

by Adeolu Ademoyo

Buhari’s Kingdom is one of “Love”, “Light”, “Unity”, “Kindness”, “Mercy” and “Peace”…

Fellow Nigerians, Easter period is holy – a complete unity of the divine light, after darkness, mercy, love, kindness, and perpetual peace of God which often passeth all human understanding. Hence, this election is significant for many reasons. It is happening just before Easter and the resurrection of Christ.

I have watched the campaigns of Buhari and Jonathan closely. I have scrutinised very closely the physical and body languages of the two candidates. I have paid attention to the content of their statements, their language. Some words and their content define Buhari. Frequently, in Buhari I saw and read substance and words such as “pledge”, “covenant”, “service”, “build”, “trust”, “sacrifice”, “self”, “belief”, “believe”, “return to our glorious days”, “love”, “leadership”, “commitment”, “care”, “call”.

In African thought, the proverb is the core element of thought, when thought cuts loose, lacks in coherence and meaning, and we are in need of truth and coherence, we deploy proverbs to go after thought, chasten it and retrieve meaning from it. Hence, I put everything Buhari and Jonathan have said side-by-side; I put them before me, and I see that for whatever reason – accidental, planned, divine, random – in Mohammadu Buhari we have before us The Kingdom of Love, Mercy, Kindness, Peace and a final end to all divisions among us because,

Buhari says, “I pledge to serve…”

Buhari, mindful that a contract or promise can be broken, while a covenant is divine and eternal, says, “This is a covenant between you – (my fellow) Nigerians and me.”

Buhari says, “You called me and I answered your call”.

Buhari says, “Send me and I will serve you faithfully with all my body, soul, mind, head and heart.”

Buhari says, “I will not serve from behind, I will be in the front to receive the bullets, the scorn, the insults, the shots all in the name of our collective history.” While Jonathan runs from East to West, South to North dividing Nigerians, Buhari says: “This is not about me, Buhari, but about you the people of Nigeria.”

While Jonathan believes money can buy anything, from the Christian Association Nigeria, CAN, to the alleged human rights organisation behind the strange WALK AGAINST TERROR in Lagos, to OPC to MASSOB, to the creek-based ethnic militias, Obas, Obis, Emirs, religious organisations, Buhari says, “Naked we came to this world, naked we shall leave. Money and gold have I none. But that which I have I will give – my heart, my mind, my body, my soul, my experience, my strength, my age, my all to serve.”

Buhari says, “Yesterday I have no control over, but tomorrow you and I can and will change”.

While Jonathan looked on as more than 16,000 Nigerians were decimated by Boko Haram and waited for six-and-half years to make a pretence at acting, saying “it is your problem, you were getting at me…kill yourselves…good for you…”, Buhari says, “Never again shall this be the worth of Nigeria. For I will lead and fight Boko Haram from the front… I did it before, I pledge to do it again… my relationship with you is a covenant… it is never a trading contract.”

While Jonathan leaned on mercenaries and his actions seemed to say, ‘using mercenaries will give me votes – what the heck? It is all about getting me votes and after that “I do not care” for I live by the moral crudity in which the end justifies the means’, Buhari says, “it is a question of honour, dignity, integrity, of Nigerian people and their military, the means justifies the end – it is the Nigerian people and their military that will vanquish and erase Boko Haram from the surface of the earth, so that Boko Haram will never rise again.”

Buhari says: “Honour of a country and its military is about ethics, hence it is better to stand by the moral truth: the means justifies the end.”

While Jonathan said, “I do not care, I do not give a damn…”, Buhari says, “Because this is a service, there is no ruler, I care for, I am you: East, West, South, North. I care because I am your servant, kindly send me. I will go.”

While Jonathan leans on hate speeches, Buhari is enveloped by and in love, and he spreads love and love speeches.

While Jonathan and his handlers abuse, Buhari attracts. Buhari consoles. Buhari gathers people unto himself.

Buhari says, ‘This is my back, have it, though I am lean in physique, but I will carry you with love by the special grace of almighty.’

While Jonathan spreads darkness, hate, scorn, phobia, alienation and the division of Nigerians into “we and them”, “the other and I”, and talks about those “SHildren” who – according to him and his wife – “roam the streets and we are not like them…”,

Buhari smiles wisely, reflectively, introspectively, wondering, “How did we come to this? But there is no “we”, there is no “them” among us.”

Buhari, holding the candle of resurrection from the Nigerian dead, his actions say, “because we are, therefore I am, and I am because we are – no division for we are one.”

Looking sternly and intensely into Buhari’s wise, introspective eyes, I see far into the tunnel, and I hear a voice saying, “here at last, here at last is the end of division, of hatred, of vice, of alienation, of me and the other, the end of ‘we’ against ‘them’. Buhari, is surely the end of division, of strife, of hate, of hatred, and the beginning of love, mercy, kindness, joy, hope which are beyond human comprehension.

In Africa and the world over, in moments of big trouble, communities often beckon on the elderly and the wise who have seen it all and are gentle but frank to come forward and lead, for they ask, “What do we use the wise head of the elderly to do?” And the community answers: “We use the wise head of the gentle but honest elderly to proclaim the truth without fear or favour.” That is what is before us.

From the Nigerian Diaspora back home to the homeland, I call on all Nigerian labourers of love, labourers of kindness, of peace, of unity and of mercy to vote wisely and vote for Buhari, for I see a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is:

Buhari, the Kingdom of Love, Light after darkness, Unity, Peace, Mercy, and Kindness, this Love which passeth human understanding.

Vote wisely because of our today and tomorrow; because of the fate of our children. Our future is in our hands. Together we will change it because WE CAN and WE WILL.

Adeolu Ademoyo, aaa54@cornell.edu, is of Africana Studies and Research Center, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

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