The Lost Objective

Nigerian Insight

 I thought I was done with it. But I was wrong. It has not done with me. The killings are still going on in a senseless manner. So also the mad massacres, as it appears that it has not finished massacring us. In its most hated states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, the monster has kept on rampaging unabated. The madness is on full swing and the weapons of hate roam unchecked.

Everything wrong with this wrong misadventure is still going on for all the wrong reasons. The madness, the hate, the killings are all for the wrong reasons. In fact they are for no reasons at all.

Ask the madmen why they are devoting time to mass murder as would savage beasts devoid of any intellect. They cannot answer with a reason, not even a wrong one. Rather they take pleasure in senseless murder and the massacre of innocents. And where do they go for their pleasure? Heavily populated urban centres where the multitude live and the refuges from the villages have come to wait out this storm of blood. Any one can see through their bogus claims of being soldiers of religion. Nonsense. The devil is never found in the company of saints. The good friend of the devil is none other than a devil. And no one takes obscene pleasure in the senseless murder of innocents and in terrorizing millions of people, except the devil and his acolytes.

Indeed they are worse than ugly beasts and terrible monsters conjured up in dark and scary places. They take  perverse pride in their extreme brutality and inhuman conduct as exemplified by their deranged leader in his gory videos. And for all these they still claim they are religious men. If these are the saints, goodness me where then are the devoted followers of Satan?

Believing them to be humans, many had sympathized with some of their grievances initially. Today? No Nigerian in his sane mind will sympathize with the murderers of the poor and the suffering masses. No one wept when Amnesty International  alleged that the Army has massacred 8000 or so of them. There were no marches or protests or even outcries of extrajudicial murder. Rather all people were interested in was how many people did this 8000 murderers kill before the soldiers of our gallant Army brought them to the kind of justice they deserve? A European or an American who does not have to live in fear of them descending on his locality and killing people indiscriminately can worry about their rights but we the victims of their atrocities, do not shed tears for them, rather we hope that the Army kills more of them by this rough justice if it will drive the monsters from our lands. Virtually every Nigerian hates them, and who wouldn’t?  You cannot dedicate yourself to senseless murder and expect the sympathy of your victims.

What did they hope to prove when they took their knives to the necks of innocent Nigerians? Whatever their initial objective was, it has become lost in the sea of blood that has followed their wake.

We stand solidly behind  President Muhammadu Buhari in his effort to weed out the criminals as indeed we have always done. Destruction is what they deserve, nothing less, except more destruction. Our duty as a people is to contribute in whatever way we can to help the government end this reign of terror. This is our collective responsibility, for ourselves and for the good of our nation.

This we could and indeed we can. This inhuman monster most not take control of us in own sole desire to push him out. Dead or alive but better dead than alive. Sure enough, no one takes pleasure in so doing but not them. Their moment of glory is when  they slaughter humans like done to rams, which makes them none humans. Are they  indeed humans? If they are, what then do we call beasts and to be precise cannibals?

But some beasts have values. At least we eat some of them. Not so cannibals and they are indeed cannibals of no value to humanity.

The human mind is a thoughtless mad house and no human coexists with mad dogs and who are mad dogs than them?. Indeed, they are mad humans devoted to criminality. Anything worse you call these deadly criminals fits the bill and the only value a criminal has is that he has none. Pity!

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