Senator-elect Wants Pay-cut for Federal Lawmakers

Dino Melaye

Dino Melaye, a Senator-elect from Kogi State, has vowed sponsor a campaign that will push for the reduction in the salaries of federal lawmakers.

Over the years Nigerians have called for a pay-cut in the salaries of Senators and members of the House of Representatives which has been unreasonaly high and Mr. Melaye has joined those voices calling for the pay-cut.

Reacting to the announcement that workers in Kogi state must take a 40 percent pay-cut Melaye said lawmakers have to make sacrifices and allow a pay cut, to yield money that could be used for devel opmental projects and proper oversight role.

He blamed the Kogi State salary slash on bad governance.

Mr. Melaye said workers in Kogi for years received a percentage of their salaries, and said the incoming All Progressives Congress, APC, government will address such abuse.

“The APC has a guideline that controls every governor of every state and I can assure you that the issue of revenue generation will be taken care of by the party,” he said.

Hassan Omale, member-elect representing Ankpa, Omala, Olamaboro federal constituency in Kogi State, also said workers in the state had not been collecting complete salaries for a long time.

“In the Local governments, since the last three years they have not received their complete salaries, they have been suffering there,” he said.

Other Kogi lawmakers blamed the pay cut on reduction in monthly allocation to the state which is due to the country being broke.

Reports of the federal government being broke are gathering pace as it is taking steps to cut excess spending. Recently the federal government slashed the budget allocations for different ministries and even for the National Assembly.

The situation has gone so far that states are unable to pay workers salaries. Osun state on Thursday announced that it had to borrow money to pay salaries.

The Nasarawa state government also announced in February that it had gone to great lengths to secure a N500 million bank facility to pay the February salary of workers in the state.

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