Security As A Basis For Development

Nigerian Insight

One of the central objectives of a nation’s foreign and National Security Policy is to resist external threats. Inevitably, foreign and security policies should be formulated to ensure national security, to strengthen national efforts to overcome the dangers of conflict or disturbance arising within and around the country’s territories. A prime internal focus must, in fact, be on economic strategies to realize rapid and sustainable growth to positively affect the lives of all segments of society, fully utilizing all available opportunities. In this sense, analysing and minimizing threats is one major factor in ensuring the process of rapid economic and social development.

Nigeria’s security priorities should therefore be devised from this perspective, as a core element in helping to build national and regional security in the widest sense. On the regional level, Nigeria must pursue policies with its neighbours based on core principles of mutual respect, mutual benefit, reciprocal trust and common interest. These will be manifested in cooperation with neighboring countries on security, issues of mutual interest; such as the current Boko Haram insurgency and other anti-terrorism and sub-regional conflict management needs.

Equally, Nigeria should respond positively to the problem of corruption in virtually every sector of the economy. It is silly to talk of transformation or fighting corruption by a government whose Ministers are starching $700 million dollars cash in their residences while pensioners are denied what duly belongs to them by the same establishment figures.

This government has made, and continues to make every effort to remain relevant to a point of compromising the Armed Forces high Command for selfish political purposes. This we condemn in its totality and hasten to advise that the Armed forces and the police must not be dragged into politics. We also believe that it is very wrong for the Vice President to make use of the police to keep watch over those pasting the Jonathan/Sambo posters at certain locations within Kaduna metropolitan during the week. The police must be left out of partisan politics.

At the same time, politicians must be seen to be discouraging acts of political rascality by their supporters rather than encouraging it. The necessity of providing a conducive and level playing field for the March 28th Presidential, National Assembly elections and the April 11th Gubernatorial and State Assembly elections cannot be over emphasised. Meaningful support to the political process in our determined efforts to concretise our democracy is what is required now and not blood bath.

In this regard, it has to be noticed that there is only one country that we can call our own as such any political party or individuals who offer financial support and arms to political thugs to unleash havoc on their political opponents must be exposed. Therefore, all security agencies must keep watch over those who use deliberate efforts to promote destabilisation as a means of winning election.

Early this month, there was a “shoot at sight” order during an election rally in which five youths were killed. The police are responsible for this but we thought arresting the victims and putting them before a court of law would have been a better alternative as it will give the state and security agencies the chance to identify their sponsors such that the long arm of the law will get at them. Remember; No one is above the law!

In the same way, national security efforts should continue to work to widen the number of partners that can help promote a national atmosphere to assist peace and security, internally and externally. Government must also desist from politicising the Boko Haram insurgency because months ago, Nigerians were told by the Defence Headquarters spoke person of the killing of Abubakar Shekau only for the same government to now issue an order of capturing Shekau alive. We at Nigerian Insight are constrained to ask how many Abubakar Shekau are leading the insurgency or is government aiming at something else.


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