Presidency re-appoint Dr. Giyan again

Dr. Joshua Giyan

Dr. Joshua Giyan

The presidency through the Federal Ministry of Health has endorsed and approved of a second tenure of four years in office, to the medical Director, federal medical centre Keffi in Nasarawa State. The appointment of Dr. Joshua Ndom Giyan, came from the federal ministry of health and being assented to by the president of the federal republic of Nigeria on the 22nd January to take effect on the 1st February 2014.

The re-appointment of the medical director is linked to his ability to hard work and commitment to deliver on the transformation agenda of Mr. President. While this development is a deserved achievement from the health ministry, as its  spur the medical directors of tertiary health institutions to the core design for health care service by the federal government, some community leaders are trying to truncate the development for personal reasons unsubstantiated Dr. Joshua N. Giyan, a pioneer consultant and a family physician, rose from this position to become the acting medical director and for his passion and commitment to public service was confirmed the substantial medical director of the centre in 2010.

Since his taking over as the Chief Accounting Officer, the story has never been the same, as his priority was on how to work and deliver on the 3 mandate of the FMC Keffi, which are, Health Care, training of man power and research development, this had become obvious in the infrastructure and medical equipment in the FMC which is of international standard. Where it has not only attracted patient but medical professionals from across the globe, the highlight being the FMC health week, where the health minister Professor Christian Onyebuchi Chukwu performed the commissioning of projects, including the latest technology, an E-health centre. Dr. Giyan spoke to our correspondent as he said, the appointment is not political, but it is based on hard work and dedication to public service. He further assured that the second term of his appointment will witness more development both in administration and health care, targeting information technology to ensure patient records are all electronic and revenue generation. According to him “the issue of re-appointment is purely hard work and through a due process.”

In this field, the ministry makes the recommendation to Mr. President and once he conquered to it, it is done, “so I don’ the think those who are crying foul really are aware of this process my contribution to this development was not based on having a second tenure, but I did all I could as a passionate professional without thinking of having a second time. “in fact in most case, the board makes the recommendation and sometime on expiration of the tenure, a medical director is expected to reapply and if he is scored by his performance in his first tenure to have met the targets, he is reappointed which was the case here.” Dr. Giyan added that people should always acquaint themselves with the procedures to how things are done before taken to misleading statements. However, he said the best is yet to come as he dedicated his appointment to God and service to humanity which he is so passionate about as a train medical director.

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