PDP and its torn umbrella

PDP-umbrella“Things fall apart” and “No longer at ease” both titles of two books authored by late Professor Chinua Achebe aptly describe the unfolding drama in the Peoples Democratic Party whose umbrella has been torn into shreds.

While the recent defection of five of its governors and subsequent decampment of thirty seven lawmakers from its fold to the All Progressives Congress (APC) may surprise many, it is however not so with followers of the evolution of the party as they know that one day the party shall face the judgement of the people.

While the likes of Chief Bola Ige and Senator Abraham Adesanya may be laughing in their graves. It is however not so with Dr. (Chief) Alex Ekweme whom they warned of the danger of allowing the G.34 to transform into a political party.

For historical purposes, it is important to recall that a group of politicians who detest military governance came together as G.18 and later G.34 and dared the late General Sani Abacha who was bent on transmuting from a Military Head of State to a civilian president.

They fought the Abacha government both psychologically, intellectually and may be “spiritually” as the late Pope John Paul who came visiting the late Sani Abacha re-echoed their opinion on democratic governance.

The G.34 was initially co-chaired by both late Chief Michael Adekwe Ajasin and Dr. Alex Ekwueme and meetings were mostly held at the Owo-Ondo state home of Chief Ajasin before his demise and Dr. Alex Ekwueme became the chairman and the arrow head of the struggle against the Abacha junta.

When the late Head of State General Abacha suddenly died and the field became an all-comers affairs as  General Abdulsalam Abubakar who succeeded him announced an eleven-month transition programme.

The likes of Chief Bola Ige and others sensed danger and advised Dr. Alex Ekwueme not to allow the G.34 to transform into a political party but he chose otherwise may be out of love for and an all encompassing political platform or his desire to be a major  beneficiary.

Unknown to him some of the G.34 members were moles who were working for the military hence as soon as the party was formed the military generals took over the affairs of the party both at national and state levels, thereby debasing the democratic motives of the G-34.

To worsen the situation, the generals brought one of their own, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and made him to overrun Dr. Alex Ekwueme at the Jos presidential primary of the party.

This incident made chief Alex Ekwueme to become the first casualty  of the Peoples  Democratic Party. He was quickly followed by another member of the G-34 chief Solomon Lar who was removed as the national chairman of the party just as another prominent member of the G-34 late Alhaji Abubakar Rimi was made a   redundant member of the PDP throughout the chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s presidency.

The list of the founding fathers who were made tenants in the house is endless but one can quickly recall that of the Awoniyis, Atikus, Ekwuemes, Lamidos, and Jerry Gana among others.

Now with the elderly or the founding fathers of the Peoples Democratic Party no longer in the know of the affairs of the party, its present predicament was just a time bomb waiting to explode.

A careful look at the Peoples Democratic Party at both National and State levels presently reveal that most people benefitting or profiting from the party were not there when the party was formed and with the way things are going, it will not be out of place to posit that the umbrella of the party whose former chairman once boasted that “we will rule for fifty years” has finally became a shred.

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