It was a German philosopher, of Jewish origin, Karl Marx, who once said that money was the greatest opium of the people. And he was dead right. So was also the other philosopher who theorized that “money was the source of all evils.”

Indeed, there is something evil about money. When you don’t have it, you kill in order to take possession of it and when you have it you also kill if only to deny others. Both ways, money is indeed a great evil, enough to evoke murder.

As with money, so is it with politics. It is the worst opium of politicians. For its sake, they kill and murder making politics truly the opium of politics or politicians if you like.

It blinds objective reasoning. Nothing is important except if it adds value to winning an election. Here it begins the struggle for big offices, qualifying politicians to be aptly described as OFFICIANS.

The worst in them shows off when the issue of office comes to the fore. I have seen several murder cases; Funsho Williams, Balewa, Sardauna, Akintola etc all lost their lives in the struggle over offices or positions.

In our specific case, it has multiplied corruption. Many fight over offices not because they want to use it for general good but for the enlargement of pocket. That’s the greatest use to which politicians put money.

They bribe, on a large scale, to bribe minions who equally bribe them and the vicious circle continues. When it comes to bribery, most politicians are at their best wills, paying lip service to any war against it. Nigeria provides a typical example. When some do not have the opportunity to loot as much as it pleases them, they beat their chests that they were not big time looters they flock in to politics in doves because it provides the means to loot more without detention. Indeed, only a foolish politician allows him/her self to be caught looting. Such is their dubious way.

Of course, there are speculations and they are in great number as they equally rank on top of high class looters. For sure, there are many excellent politicians regrettably only a few have public faces to show.

It is the same with positions; in the manner politicians kill for money, so do they over positions. It brings out the worse in them. In fact, politics, in its enterity, is the struggle for power. Politicians do it no less senseless on a big scale.

For many, they get intoxicated on a point of power. No politician is innocent of political intrigues. This keep them young. In the same way many butcher over cash or lack of it, so do politicians spare more over positions. Take the case of the Nigerian National Assembly. Every one, so to speak, wants to become Senate President or Speaker. And they are digging in to achieve just that. Only a few believe or think that there can only be one Senate President/Speaker, not two.

However, where politicians show exceptional urge for dubious interests, the showing in the National Assembly bubble to the surface, in a manner so disgraceful of integrity. The stiff struggle for positions occurs.

The capacity to cheat big makes some politicians tide. That is the way of the game. Which was why it was pretty laughable when the other time, someone was saying that a particular politician is money for seeking to influence the emergence of both the speaker and senate president.

It calls for a good mirth. No politician bears a correct name if intrigue is not part of his trade. He doesn’t work a dime if he does not know how to play intrigues, the trade mark of most politicians. Intrigue is to politicians in the same way double speaking is to them. By the nature of their trade, most politicians hardly speak straight except if they are not to be counted as belonging to the crowd. The golden age of politics is when politicians can’t be understood. That is the nature and character of the game. I think they call it “speaking in tongues”, as if there is any other way to speak without using the tongue. No politician is with the name if he does not master the tricky tongue.

When you tie up all this, you come up with the real stuff politicians are made of speaking from both sides of the mouth. The greatness of a politician lies in his capacity not to speak straight. He resents it in favour of double speaking.

And here comes the real opium’ speaking in tongues, with several meaning with hardly any understood. They call it “great talks” and the only thing great is misinformation therein.

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