Nigerlites: Bravo to Nigeria Insight Newspaper

Nigerian Insight

Some Nigerlites have commended the effort of Nigerian Insight Newspaper publisher, the entire management and staff of this reputable weekly newspaper based in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria.

Speaking with our reporter in Minna, Hon Nasiru Liman, one of the regular reader of the this paper said that the paper is rich in news, editorial and advertorial, it has come at the right time when the north needs a print medium that can compete with other newspapers from any part of this country, a paper that will protect our interest, promote our culture and tradition in diversity about all our religion of Islam, praying that Nigerian Insight Newspaper has come to stay.

Hon Nasiru lamented that some years back, there were prominent men that own media houses in the north but to his surprise most of these media houses die off because of lack of interest or mismanagement that made the newspapers disappeared. He therefore used this medium to call on those publishers to resume and well to do in the north to invest in media organization so as to portray their good image also urged all the business men and women in the north to patronized this newspaper so that, it will project our region in good light.

Furthermore, he appealed to northern governor’s forum to look at the situation of new Nigeria newspaper, stressing that, it will be shameful to them if they allow it to sleep and die at this moment of democracy. He also appealed to them to be patronizing their own papers in terms of putting advert but said with dismay that some northern governors patronized others than there by spending millions of naira.

Hon Nasiru prayed Allah (SWT) to give the management and staff of this paper the strength and ability to carry out their responsibilities in their reportage also advised them to balance their stories all the time so that the readers can be patronizing the paper regularly.

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