Nigerians support AU single currency and passport idea

Nigerian Passport

Nigerians have put their full support behind the idea by the African Union to introduce a single currency and passport.

Nigeria told newsmen that if the proposal is implemented it might unite Africans and help the continent’s socio-economic development.

One civil servant, Mr Mathaias Aliyu said that the proposal would ease the movement of Africans across the continent and make commercial activities in Africa easier and would help the continent’s economy and political developments.

Ms Amaka Oti told NAN that: “it’s a good idea and that the former president of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, also raised this idea years back but the westerner countries used it against him.

‘I support the idea 100 per cent because it will help our economy,” Oti said.

Trader, Mr Idris Musa told Nigeria to make sure that they have necessary economic policies before adopting a single currency and passport, saying doing otherwise would endanger the continent’s economy.

Another businessman, Mr Ike Victor also welcomed the idea and said that African countries share cultural values and norms.
Meanwhile, Political Activist, Jide Olayinka, said he was against the idea as of now as Africa is not ripe for such a grand move.

Olayinka notes that if Nigeria adopts a single passport, it would entail that Nigeria surrenders its independence to the African Union (AU).
Mr Anthony Maruping, AU Commissioner for Economic Affairs on June 12 revealed that African leaders are currently thinking of adopting a common currency and passport.

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