Nigeria In A Strait – Aragbada

A former newspaper editor and retired bank executive, Mr Phil Aragbada, has warned that except there is a fast paradigm shift in the nation’s political dispensation, the much vaunted  journey to the promised land might after all be a mirage.

This view was expressed in Omuo-Ekiti, at a seminar organised by the Omuo Renaissance Group, comprising academics and professionals.

Mr Aragbada explained that the visible impediments to good governance in Nigeria since independence have been burgeoning to the disadvantage of the teeming masses.

According to him, some of these hindrances are obscene corruption, compromised judiciary, widespread profligacy and impurity, political commercialisation, insecurity, poverty, leadership deification, religious and ethno-cultural jingoism.

Mr Aragbada explained that the long military interregnum, which vanquished the established political structures, brought the formation of political associations, whose ideological tenets revolved around power, fame and prosperity. This fundamental tenuity in the formation of political parties in 1978 he noted, accelerated the collapse of the second republic.

The guest lecturer lamented the huge material stakes in political office holding which, according to him, further widened the gap between the rich and the poor. “A situation where the legislators cart home millions of naira while the payment of  minimum wage of N18,000 per month to workers in some states is still elusive, is  repugnant to good governance,” he said.

The discovery of oil, which Mr  Aragbada described as a curse, turned Nigeria to a monolithic, allocative and consuming nation leading to the eclipse of agriculture.

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