Mrs. Aisha Buhari: The Mother Nigerians are yearning for!

Mrs. Aisha Buhari

By Bello Ahmadu Alkammawa

The Kingdom of Adamawa is renown to be home of learned people since the ancient time. This informed the decision of Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio to name one of his flag bearers from the kingdom. The area is blessed with revered scholars, most especially Muslims and Christians who have now become stars among the list of states blessed with people with high integrity and excellent degree of western education in Nigeria.

The kingdom is blessed with men and women of every magnitude. One of them is Princess Aishatu Muhammadu Buhari, a devout Muslem, cosmetologists and a consultant to the KRPC/NNPC on skills acquisition. Mrs. Buhari is a member of the United Kingdom Vocational Training and Charitable Trust (VTCT), The International Health and Beauty Council (HBC). Private entrepreneur; Mother. Before, only those in Nigeria can attest to her service to humanity but today her name has become a household name across the world. One will be more interested if he comes across her wonderful contributions in taking women and their children, most especially the needy, to greater heights through initiatives as well as awareness campaign through the media in order to make them self reliant in the society.

A precious mother and virtuous wife, who transverse the earth like a colossus, not only was she inestimable to General Muhammadu Buhari APC Presidential candidate and her adorable children, she was invaluable to humanity, more especially to Nigerians who shall forever relish the enduring legacy she bequeathed to us in all the places she work to date.

A visionary and highly intelligent woman, she was full of ideas, very caring person with a pleasant disposition, and full of kindness, amiable, hospitable and ever vivacious. She come across as detached and straight faced Amazon of high magnitude; she combines the rare attributes of beauty, brains, charm and elegance. She is friendly, warm and appears on top of her brief. Even now her almond eyes still mesmerize, her charm is enchanting and her grasp and articulation of issues impressive, she is indeed Nigeria’s Diamond of inestimable value.

Aisha’s humane posture and welfarism began right from her days at the primary school where she associated herself with poor children. She assisted them and interacted with the lowly place in society in spite of her privileged position and by so doing she was loved by all and sundry since her childhood.

This, according to investigations conducted by this writer, informed her direct access to people and how she handled issues affecting them. Her humility and simplicity has further endeared her to the people and guided her brand of leadership and politics in the society. Similarly, her contributions to the people coupled with her desire of making life meaningful to the society had confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that women leadership could spread development, love and care to all and sundry that could move our nation to greater heights. This has further entrenched many Nigerians to belief in women leadership as the way out of various menaces facing the society today.

Her gestures of assisting the needy, couple with her strong desire of joining hands with organizations in finding solutions to the problems militating against the life of women folk in the country, inform her engagement into different fora. Her quest is to see Nigerian women being empowered through skill acquisitions to enable them become self-reliant in the society, this will give them room to contribute their quota in building new Nigeria where everybody is happy to live with one another. She also dreamt of a country that can give out loans to our teeming youth who are idle at home as a result of unemployment facing them as well as renovation of schools and empowering of youths in order for them to have a sense of belonging by becoming free from drug abuse in order to become useful and patriotic citizens rather than becoming thugs to politicians.

Despite the scorching heat of the sun and poverty could not dissuade APC supporters in their hundreds of thousands demonstrating solidarity, and entrenching check and balance in Nigerian politics from trooping the venue of all the campaign grounds she go nationwide, most of them women. She explained to her teeming supporters that the country has the resources to put smiles on them because it was blessed with both human and natural resources that can go a long way in improving their fortunes and that of the country.

She said during one of her electioneering campaign that: “Until when you use your votes, and vote out those who deny you access to stability, boosting food production, sound economy, health as well as empowerment that will bring solution to the perpetual poverty facing us in the country.” She informed the crowd that when APC assumed the leadership of the country it is not only going to improve the living standard of workers but the government is going to address all the issues that become stumbling blocks to the welfare of workers in the country. A passionate wife is currently a graduate student of International Affairs and strategic planning.

Alkammawa writes from Sultan Muhammadu Bello Road Kaduna, 08155092812




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