Fizzling Out

Nigerian Insight

When the Boko Haram calamity hit the Nigerian nation, the country was literally painted in red. It was nothing near the Maitatsine hooligans who, during the Shagari era, also painted the country in red. Both were of equal measure in their unwholesome and unholy devastation of the polity. After about five years of shedding innocent blood, Boko Haram started fizzling out. In the case of Maitatsine, within a year, it was gone. General Muhammad Buhari was then the Head of State when he gave orders to crush the rebellion and was so crushed.

In both cases therefore, they were partners in senseless blood shedding which they carried out with sufficient barbarity and crudeness. Boko Haram was however the most devastating who got delighted in slaughtering human beings. No less worse was that it drove people out of their homes forcing them to seek protection on mountains, caves and in forests. This was the pathetic scene for more than three years.

At a stage, the cruel masters were worst than the most devastating calamity, operating as a mystic force. They killed many but with none of them ever caught. While they engaged in mass massacre, none of their leaders and senior commanders was ever caught. They attacked towns and cities, yet, none was ever apprehended. Suddenly, they are now fizzling out, as if they were never around before. Where have they gone to? Were they controlled before? It is very interesting that when the Federal Government decreed that, they were no longer to be, they vanished into thin air as if they were controlled from within. For sure, it was highly suspected that they were not ordinary force.

Anyway, there is certainly more about this devastating sect which Nigerians are not aware of. In their operation, they were Northern based. In fact, they have never gone beyond the River Niger but concentrated more in killing the very Northern Muslims they were purportedly fighting on their behalf.

This added more to their mystic image.

In their pattern of mass killing, they never discriminated on the basis of religion. Indeed, to the extent that they operated more in the North, they could be said to have killed more Muslims. What is obvious however was that they visited brutality on all almost in equal proportion.

Now that they are fizzling out, the Federal Government should set up a Judicial Commission to educate the nation on who they were. This is very important if only to prevent future occurrences.

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