Change – the urgency for now!

Cont’n from the previous edition – By Ibrahim Suleiman

Then we wonder why all of a sudden we are faced with the scourge of armed robbery, kidnapping, larceny of public resources on grand scale, religious terrorism, economic sabotage of plans and general decline in the quality of life of all members of society.

Any society where individuals have to provide their own water, generate energy, security, run to other countries to educate their children, for medical check-up and treatment, and to seek solutions to domestic problems is definitely a terminally sick society.  These are the symptoms of failed states.  Can you imagine Barak Obama going for medical check-up in Spain, or Nelson Mandela being hospitalized in Moscow?  Without realizing it the sickness of Nigerian leadership has become virally infectious, devouring every little ounce of common sense decency left in us.  Recent events of the self-destruction of top members of the ruling class in various accidents and incidents are wake-up calls to those who can still reason among us.  But it seems we have now totally lost the capacity for shame, or to be shocked by scandal.  Actually, the more insane our destructive tendencies have become, the more adulation we tend to receive in some sick quarters – with parties being thrown to receive jail-birds and criminals, church service to canonize demented miscreants and investitures of traditional chieftaincy titles and honorary degrees being conducted for pariahs.

To fix the sickness, all persons of decency must come together, regardless of ethnicity, political persuasion or economic resources, to say that Nigeria is the only country we have, and to which we do not have to queue up at any embassy for visa to enter.  We must recognize that, barring the unlikely political episode of Shugaba Abdulrahman Darma, Nigerian is the only place from which we cannot be deported.  For this reason, the advantage of rational persons coming together to forge a united front to ensure that what our parents fought so hard to give us is not destroyed for our children is urgent.  The alternatives are not even worth contemplating, because they are terrible destruction and chaos for Nigeria.  If we come together to bake a bigger cake, instead of behaving like crabs in the barrel and fighting to the death over diminishing cake, then we would be surprised that the few miscreants among us will be easy to isolate and ostracize.  It is always more expensive to run a corrupt system of government, while the curse that seem to currently condemn Nigeria to doom and gloom would be lifted once and for all if we pull together, and our diversity would  again become a tapestry of strength rather than the albatross that it currently is – threatening to sink us collectively.

Those rogues among us who relish in stashing away our commonwealth in safe havens, boast of having houses in European capitals and Abu Dhabi, Doha, Hollywood, having multiple cars parked in their garages when they are not vehicle dealers, or who boast of shopping in Kuala Lumpur for Salah, or who go overseas on public account for medical checkups when our own system is left in decay, or who send their children to school overseas when our own system is in doldrums, or who claim to have many houses all over Nigeria need to ask themselves how many of their predecessors who had all these many houses have slept in two bedrooms in one night, driven two cars to work at the same time, or lived in any of those foreign mansions, or even have access to the funds in the safe havens once deposited?  Forensic examination shows that each one of them is one generation rich, and in many instances, cyclically rich persons, who must continue to steal in order to maintain their demented criminal profligate lifestyle.  Did they ever wonder why Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, or even the imbecile George Bush has no property in Abuja?

On the other hand, if all persons of good will come together now, to ensure improvement in our collective existence, ensure that resources are properly and sustainably utilized, to minimize unemployment, ensure decent existence for all, allow our young ones room to dream again and work for the realization of those dreams instead of the perpetual nightmare that we have imposed on the land, and promote our human dignity and safety, it would be a legacy deeper that WAI, NYSC or any other monument that have stood the test of time.  And we would be pleasantly surprised about the positive change which this would have on our collective existence.  But to do that there must be a realization that societies which are now leading the world today took the self-sacrifices of persons who cared for future generations, and who spared no expense to ensure that their own children have a better shot at improved existence than they received from their own parents.

Anyone who dares to take a keen look at the innocent trusting face of any infant would know that this is the least that we owe future generations.  We cannot continue to be ruled by “wasted, wasting and clueless” generations, when among us there are decent, talented persons who can make our own motherland a great place to live, raise children and attain happiness practicing our different faiths without let or hindrance to any.  This is why all persons of good will, from every clime,tongue and faith must determine that the time is now, thatthe change is urgent and that the only option for Nigeria is change – in our own interest, in the interest of our children, and in the interest of unborn generations.

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