Buhari must clear Armed Forces of Politicians – Junaid Mohammed

General Muhammadu Buhari'

Junaid Mohammed, who is an angry critic of the incumbent leader of the country Goodluck Jonathan, has cautioned the president-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to implement immediate steps to flush out political figures from the Nigerian Armed Forces in order to create room for democracy to flourish in Nigeria.

Mohammed reacted to the defeat of Jonathan by Buhari in the presidential election by calling on the new president to work for the best interests of all Nigerians instead of meeting the expectations of certain groups and individuals in the land.

The Second Republic legislator from Kano said the call had become urgent after the shameful actions of Military men who openly attempted to undermine Nigeria’s democratic march in the run-up to the 2015 polls.

Mohammed recommended that hereafter recruitment into the military should be firmly based on merit and national quota while main appointments in the military forces should follow established tradition to avoid producing dissent in the system.

The Kano-born medical doctor stated that General Buhari must also be firm in confronting corruption to pave the way for the development of the vital sectors of the economy and create jobs for the many unemployed in the country.

He said: “Given what we have seen in the military lately, Buhari must move immediately to clear the armed forces of politicians and ensure that only dedicated officers and men, who are willing to work for the country, are allowed in the system.

“The president-elect must purge the army of politicians in army uniforms and further recruitment should henceforth be based on merit and done in the overall interest of the nation and not made to appease certain interests, individuals and groups loyal to the government of the day.”

Asked if he would drop a suit he and four others instituted against President Jonathan’s participation in the 2015 poll since he had lost, Mohammed said he would follow the matter to a logical conclusion despite the defeat of Jonathan by Buhari.

Mohammed said it was necessary to continue the case to extend democracy and get a judicial announcement on the matter so that it could help to develop Nigeria’s democracy in the future.

He said that case was not about Jonathan as a person but to help redefine the intent of the Nigerian constitution on the matter of the president’s tenure.

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