Brigadier Aliyu Momoh, This is the Right Time to Cry about the Recorded Ekiti Audio

Ekiti Rigging


General Momoh, by now as you stand or sit alone, probably in your residence or other form of private area, you may have heard the respective words of Minister of Police Affairs, Jelili Adesiyan,   Governor Ayodele Fayose, and ex-Minister of State for Defense, Musiliu Obanikoro, telling the world that you, Brigadier-General Aliyu Momoh, were in that hotel room with them, as evidenced by the recorded Ekiti election audio.

Yes, General, is okay to shed tears now and to cry more and more because they have all turned against the man that forcibly brought them victory. The only person who can rightly tell the whole truth on your behalf is your aide, Captain Sagir Okoli, but he is now your arch-enemy and on the run from you, in particular.

Well, what about Nigeria’s de facto President, Mr. Chris Uba, who left the East and came to Ekiti, reportedly with soldiers and a huge stash of cash? In your own voice during that night’s meeting, you stated as you were being shouted at by these top “bloody civilians,” “…In fact if I start crying now…..The only person that can tell you the truth is Chief…In fact I handed over…. 5 hours he was with me in the field, and he’s still in the field up till now. Do you understand? Sir, we have done a lot of arrest me and Oga Chris…”

General,   where is Uba now? Where is the “chief of army staff” who, during that meeting Fayose voiced out that, “ I was in my house, “chief of army staff” called me, and told me he has briefed him (Momoh), and gave me his number because I never met him before. He told me, you are in safe hands; he would perform, and if you have any issues, call me. He told me that I have made it clear to him that I am Jonathan for this election.”

A General, keep crying; cry loud, blow your nose hard. If you have to sit on the floor now, do so and cry more!

Sir, what of Honorable Abdul Kareem, the man you argued with and told him “… am a stakeholder is more in my heart than you. Don’t talk to me anyhow please; don’t talk to me anyhow.”

Sir, you can sit or stand up now in tears. We know how painful it must have been when a man of your military status was ordered by Obanikoro to, “Sit down, general; sit down please.”

General, what a time you had on that pressure-filled night.General, as you search your inner mind on this matter which admittedly you were forced into and then jumped into quickly for personal interest, remember these words of yours on that night meeting, “…I went round and my brief to them (Soldiers) is deliver or you would be sanctioned, and I told them this is your contact point; if they say ‘follow here’, follow. Tell me any soldier man that is staying in any of the opponent hotel…when Oga chief came to me, he looked at me; if it’s money, he said he would give to me, have given my soldiers, their morale are high…”

General, a man like you from a decent family, from a village of honor and a graduate in strategic and ethical ways, here you are succumbing to the selfish spirit in you, which Obanikoro tried to fill with promise when he reminded you, “….Don’t talk too much, I want you to go and work and deliver for us. Look here, you can’t get promotion without me sitting on top of your military council. If I am a happy man tomorrow night, the sky is your limit…”

General, when you, who is supposed to be a man of mutual respect and trust, openly stated in front of your junior officers and uniformed security personnel that “…like yesterday he still called me ‘Chief Uba’ does not belief have not compromise even you!” Sir, you have lost it all.

Sir, you even reportedly convened a Board of Inquiry to investigate Captain Koli. Sir, where is your conscience? Now, after all you have done for these men, they have finally admitted their presence in the Ekiti night arrangement. In order to protect their respective interest, in a very wicked way, they have joined together to turn away from you. Yes, they did! So, cry more!

Sir, who knows? You may still get that promotion or silent retirement, but one thing is clear, at this time and on this day, they all have kicked your ass. More importantly, they not only turned on you, they could care less what happened to your image and sanity.For a man who came from the historical State of Kogi, where the name “Nigeria” was first coined by the British colonialists, you will ever be remembered as a symbol of shame, the one who injured the collective pride, culture and history of the Kogi people.

So, General Momoh, go ahead cry for many hours, as it is one way to cope with this nightmare. Good luck, Sir.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic/Clinical Psychologist, a Consultant in National Psychology, and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association.

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