Before President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan bribes away the whole country

GEJ Must Go

By Nelson Ekujumi

Just last week, President Goodluck Egele Jonathan crisscrossed the length and breadth of the South West of Nigeria, the Yoruba land in particular, meeting traditional rulers, groups like market men and women, traders, OPC, OPA, OPB, Okada riders and all sorts of emergency assembled persons into groups, etc, soliciting support for his 2015 Presidential ambition.

In as much as this political pilgrimage is very much in line with his constitutional right of freedom of movement, the negative news filtering in is about how President Jonathan, who is the only ruler in the world to whom stealing is not corruption, has been frittering away tax payers money in foreign and local currencies to bribe persons and groups he met, even when some of the groups hurriedly arranged themselves and gave a name to their organizations and apportioned positions to members, just to collect their own share of the largesse from a desperate Mr. President (family support, egunje, riba, abetele, owo-ehin, stomach infrastructure, take-make-unna-help-me, inducement for your vote).

It is a shame that today, we have a ruler whose philosophy of life is that Nigerians as human beings have been so economically traumatized and morally bankrupted by his example that they do not have any moral and cultural values and/or personal and collective dignity as members of the human community and so they can be bought just like commercial items in the shops or at markets. That is highly degrading and insultive to our collective sensibilities as a people. It is crying shame! It is scandalous in the extreme!

The alleged sums collected by each group and personalities differed and is mind-boggling, even though it is public knowledge that the President Jonathan’s desperation policy of bribery and corruption has seen groups as beneficiaries of hefty sums such as CAN – Christian leaders (N7bn), Ohaneze – Igbo leaders (N5bn), Afenifere – Yoruba leaders (N120m), OPC – another Yoruba group (N2bn), and so on and so forth. The list is endless and the amount involved is economically and commonsensically traumatizing, in as much as it is a violation of the laws of the land and our values as a people. We have a President who does not give a damn about values, law, morality, human dignity or welfare. For him the “GOAT” (himself) cannot resist preying on the YAM (we the hapless, helpless, Godless, senseless, captive and degraded masses) – in his view! The logic of an imbecile at work, and how poorly he understands Nigeria and Nigerians.

Just this morning, news broke in the media , that as a fallout of the aftermath of President Jonathan’s meeting with PDP members of the House of Representatives penultimate tuesday, fight broke out among members over the sharing formula of the largesse (bribe money) from President Jonathan, who in his desperation for another term in office is determined to dry up the national treasury to bribe anybody bribeable. What he must remember is that the people are not fools. Even more importantly, the people have SECRET BALLOT, which means that he will be surprised how the people reject him come March 28, 2015.

Today, the economy is comatose, as there is massive capital outflow as a result of the mismanagement of the economy which has resulted in a free fall of the naira in comparison to foreign currencies. As at today, the naira is exchanging for 227 to a dollar, prices have risen astronomically in anticipation of humanly manufactured chaos after election as people stock up for the worst, etc as we struggle to cope with the backlash of the drop in the international prices of crude oil, which has made the government to declare the implementation of austerity measures in its activities for the 2015 fiscal year. But how can we reconcile President Jonathan policy of wanton bribery in his 2015 Presidential ambition and the austerity measures declared by his government? Or is it a case of the hypocritical, do as I say and not do as I do? For someone who has spent the last 8 years at the helm of the affairs of this country, it is reprehensible that this is the only legacy he can leave behind – 2 years as VP, 2 years as Acting and now 4 years substantive. That the only way he can market his campaign is through bribery shows that he does not deserve to have been there in the first place!

Never in our political history, both during military and civilian regimes, have we had a ruler, whose conduct is a complete negation of our values, culture and violations of the law. The level of corruption, lawlessness and impunity under the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan administration qualifies for Guinness books of records. Under his watch thousands of Nigerians have been killed unnecessarily by Boko Haram. Millions of Nigerians have fled their homes because the government could not do the basic thing for which it is there – protection of life and property. But the same government now has the resources to fight Boko Haram and destroy it in 6 weeks – what it could not do in 8 years? Who is fooling who?

The role of a leader in moulding and mobilizing the society, in positive path no matter the challenges, is clear to all reasonable people. Obama stepped into the breach when America was ruined by George Bush and his warmongering. Putin did the same for Russia. It is unimaginable that the only thing that happens in Nigeria is pillaging and stealing of unimaginable proportions, with people buying tracts of foreign property as if it is pure water. Good and accountable will go a long way in aiding progress and development just like the Christian Holy Book, admonishes that “Truth exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people”.

Therefore, I want to enjoin Nigerians to realize and take to heart the words of the Holy Bible again that, “Can we continue in sin and the glory of God abound?” This is not only in the Holy Bible, it is what you find in the Holy Quran. It is what our ancestors in all indigenous communities in Nigeria utilized to develop their civilizations. Definitely, we all know the answer and it is in this light that I want us all to realize that we (our country) are the way we are today because of our actions and inaction’s in tolerating evil and ungodliness from a cabal of criminals and vagabonds who have hijacked governance for selfish, destructive and criminal ends.

Like they say, the way, you make your bed is the way you will lie on it, so dear brothers and sisters, elders and young, come March 28th and April11th 2015, let us do the right thing for posterity’s sake at the polls, no matter the circumstances, before President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his band of rogues destroys the little sanity that is left in us as a people with his policy of bribery and corruption, which is nauseating, repulsive, despicable, denigrating, insultive, criminal and evil.

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