Accord party rejects poll shift

Accord Party

The National Working Committee of the Accord Party, in Abuja, expressed its opposition to the alleged plans by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party to shift the February 14 presidential election, to 28th March  2015.

The party has nevertheless, adopted President Goodluck Jonathan as its preferred candidate.

The AP National Secretary, Mr. Oladapo Nureni, stated this while addressing journalists at the party’s National Secretariat in the nation’s capital.

He said, “We wish to associate ourselves with those in this country who are saying a tacit ‘no’ to the growing moves to shift the date of the elections.

”As a political party which has sampled the mood of our numerous candidates and supporters nationwide, a postponement in our opinion will only prolong the suffering of the masses without necessarily changing the political balance existing between the two major contenders for the presidential election.

”We are of the opinion that the Independent National Electoral   Commission should receive recommendation for being proactive on the issue of Permanent Voter’s Cards distribution and for insisting that timetable for the elections are not to be tampered with.”

On the adoption of President Jonathan as the party’s candidate for the presidential election, Nureni said ”the mandate to enter into talks with the PDP was borne out of the motivation of our numerous candidates most of whom crossed over to our party from the PDP.”

He said prominent members of his party believe that Jonathan “remains a better candidate for the country and deserves to be supported by the Accord Party.”

He said, ”After much brainstorming by the working committee and other stakeholders of the party, the following considerations were counted for President Jonathan:

“His administration has promoted and preserved the corporate entity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

The economy under his watch has witnessed appreciable growth.

“His transformation agenda is making a desirable impact in transforming the nation’s infrastructure.

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